The Least Expensive / Most Positive Enquiry Ever!

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The Least Expensive / Most Positive Enquiry Ever!

A ‘Referral’ › Dictionary Definitions

“The definition of a referral is the act of telling someone about the positive features of a person or a business, or the person who is being referred.”

During the past 20 + years – Kurrajong Steel Homes have tried and utilised many different avenues & mediums for advertising – simply seeking to get our message out…

For the most part we have very low advertising budgets’ with varying degrees of success, however, part of the difficulty has been how to market the message of uniqueness, benefits & differences that Kurrajong offer by comparison to most of the home builders in our region.

As we have grown, we explored many avenues of advertising, attracting some great success with our enquiry by phone or calling into our display centre showroom, allowing us to personally demonstrate and illustrate the incredible differences that Kurrajong as a builder, offer to their clients and the long term benefits that result.

It seems to vary depending on who you speak with and the product being considered at the time, however, we are advised by marketing experts, that we have a 5-15 second window of opportunity to get our message across, as to the suitability of your company or product, or you will miss that opportunity to get an enquiry.

I know by my own experience, this would appear to be correct, however, it still seems quite bizarre, that with the single most valuable asset/ investment in most people’s lifetime, you only have such a small window to demonstrate such value & benefit to what you are offering.

Sadly in many cases the absolute focus is how big, for how little $$$ – which is the marketing thrust of many large builders, with very little consideration for, how well built – as a major consideration or in the decision! Many main stream home builders’ have no other alternative but to compare size versus price, simply because they are all doing the same thing with a different label.

How do you get such a large message of benefit and differences across in such a small time ?

There is the Kurrajong Land differences
– Acreage / Odd shaped land / Sloping sites / Narrow and Small lots

There is the Kurrajong Style & Theme differences – Colonial / Contemporary & Modern / Industrial / Hampton / Queenslander

There is the Kurrajong Material differences – Face Brick / Smooth Render / Hebel / A wide range of complimentary Architectural materials and finishes.

There is the Kurrajong Construction method differences – 2 Story / Lowset / Hi Set / Split Level / Suspended Floor

There is the Kurrajong Value differences –Budget & Investment / Family / Prestige – All levels represent exceptional value.

And to top it off –…. In every home we build, with all of the varying styles and values above, there is the Strong, Straight, Termite Resistant “Heart of Steel” & Finish as a result.

During that period, we have experienced huge swings and trends of the different way people now consider searching & researching – ahead of making an enquiry – that we have tried to keep ahead of,

Yet, it becomes more and more apparent, that while are in a phase of huge change in the way we generate new enquiry for tomorrows clients, the whole time

– We have been unwittingly doing just that!!

During the phase of our existence as a building company, we have been flattered by many direct referrals: Friends / colleagues / family members, simply because building their home with Kurrajong Steel Homes was enjoyable and exactly what was requested, and people like to share when they have had a good experience.

However, we now find ourselves in slightly different territory. Of the source of our enquiry, where an unprecedented number of new client enquiry’s are actually former clients themselves, having built for them previously and experiencing the benefits of a home built with Kurrajong, we no longer have to prove our worth, because they have actually lived & enjoyed the benefits we initially had to convince them they would receive.

It seems ironic, that while I have been writing a blog on this very topic, I received an email from a client who’s home we built in 2011 and would like to discuss building with us again.

Again, I have just completed another amazing, unique new design on the 4th home for a couple. With construction about to commence. Each home is extremely different in style and theme & land.

Here’s an enquiry with a twist……We are very excited to have been invited to design a stunning 1296m2 residence with extensive Moreton Bay views.

In this case, they were not former clients to us. They actually purchased a home privately that we built in around 2008 for a different client.

They are now living in the home and have seen how well built and finished it remains, and in their words,

“We have contacted Kurrajong Steel Homes, simply because, after all these years we can see the standards, quality and finish of your homes”.

It’s true, most new homes & display homes look beautiful when they are first built. It is when you want to sell them years later, that is “what’s really for sale?”

Put simply, the least expensive, most positive generator of new enquiry for Kurrajong Steel Homes is “the product that remains” well after the price is forgotten!

Gary Dupen

Kurrajong Steel Homes

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