Single Level Narrow Lot | Redlands Bayside Challenge

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Single Level Narrow Lot | Redlands Bayside Challenge

The trend today is for us to be building our homes on smaller pieces of land. The developers are looking to maximise the return on new subdivisions and the age of the Redlands Bayside means many of the older homes on the 800m² or greater are ready for a renovation or major upgrade and the cost is just not worthwhile. Many people are looking to remove the existing dwelling and split the land into two allowing them to sell one and generate an income to fund a new home.

The tendency is to put a two storey home on the site to minimise the footprint and to be able to build a full 4 bedroom home with open plan living downstairs and bedrooms and a living room upstairs. This all works reasonably well and produces a very functional outcome.

Now let’s consider a single level home on the same site where we are not looking for such a large home. We have probably all been into one of these homes and the first thing you notice to get all of the rooms in and still have the living at the rear to access the yard we end up having to come in through the front door and walk down a long hallway past the garage and bedrooms and bathroom to get to the living area, it is like walking through a tunnel. The other option is to put the bedrooms at the rear to minimise the hallway but then we have isolated the rear yard from the living area.

Here at Kurrajong Steel Homes our talented design team spent some considerable time finding ways to address this issue and would love to invite you to come and talk to us at our office and to show you how to eliminate the long hallway in your single level narrow lot home.

Contact Bill Morris 0419803469 or call our office to make an appointment to show you how we can make best use of these sites.

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