Kurrajong Steel Homes has started construction on a three level home in Ormiston on a small sloping site. The client came to us with plans for their new home that had been designed to suit their requirements as they reached their senior years.  We were initially asked to price the home and when costed was well over the clients budget.  This is common when clients work with a designer to design their dream home, but often no consideration is given to the actual construction cost. It was at this point Bill Morris said to the client that he was confident the Kurrajong design team could redesign the home and provide everything that the client required and most importantly – bring the project in on budget.

The client agreed and the journey began. After some initial designs that were checked by our estimator along the way we were confident that we were going to find a solution. The client had some specific requirements that had to be included like a lift from the garage level up to the living levels. The main living area was on the top floor of the 3 levels to take advantage of the stunning views over Moreton Bay. The top level also accommodates 2 of the bedrooms so the client can live on a day to day basis on the one level, with visitor accommodation on the middle level.

The final design was completed, the client’s inclusions were selected, and now we are underway with the build.  The home had all the needs of the client and was at the price the client was comfortable with. We now look forward to the build and handing over the clients dream home to them on time and on budget.