Bill Morris and Kurrajong Steel Homes | Greensmart

Bill Morris has been involved with the HIA GreenSmart initiative for over 10 year and continues to be passionate about the advantages of designing and building a home with these ideas in mind.

When any client contacts me to discuss how we can help them with their new home I  always go to site to see the conditions that I have to work with, I am looking for orientation of the home and how we can use the environment to warm the home in winter and cool in summer and to generate natural light into the home. These things will all help make the home much better to live in and more economical to run. I am also looking at the most economical way to put the house on the site and making sure the home has everything the client needs without any wasted space or rooms that will not be used.

Build a GreenSmart house

A GreenSmart house is a sustainable home created using environmentally responsible housing design ideas, building techniques and products. The key principles of building a home with environmental features include correct site orientation to maximize solar design principles, natural ventilation, insulation, thermal mass and flooring. GreenSmart Builders and GreenSmart Professionals are businesses and individuals who have completed HIA’s GreenSmart Professional Training.

A GreenSmart house will:

  • Improve the water and energy efficiency of the home reducing energy bills and costs
  • Create healthier homes for occupants
  • Provide options to make the home more adaptable for all stages of life
  • Reduce waste from the building process
  • Improve site management during construction.

If you would like to learn more about how these initiatives could benefit you just contact Bill Morris at our office and he will be happy to meet with you and discuss how he can work with you to make your next home your best ever home.