The Least Expensive / Most Positive Enquiry Ever!



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“The definition of a referral is the act of telling someone about the positive features of a person or a business, or the person who is being referred.”


During the past 20 + years – Kurrajong Steel Homes have tried and utilised many different avenues & mediums for advertising – simply seeking to get our message out…

For the most part we have very low advertising budgets’ with varying degrees of success, however, part of the difficulty has been how to market the message of uniqueness, benefits & differences that Kurrajong offer by comparison to most of the home builders in our region.

As we have grown, we explored many avenues of advertising, attracting some great success with our enquiry by phone or calling into our display centre showroom, allowing us to personally demonstrate and illustrate the incredible differences that Kurrajong as a builder, offer to their clients and the long term benefits that result.

It seems to vary depending on who you speak with and the product being considered at the time, however, we are advised by marketing experts, that we have a 5-15 second window of opportunity to get our message across, as to the suitability of your company or product, or you will miss that opportunity to get an enquiry.

I know by my own experience, this would appear to be correct, however, it still seems quite bizarre, that with the single most valuable asset/ investment in most people’s lifetime, you only have such a small window to demonstrate such value & benefit to what you are offering.

Sadly in many cases the absolute focus is how big, for how little $$$ – which is the marketing thrust of many large builders, with very little consideration for, how well built – as a major consideration or in the decision! Many main stream home builders’ have no other alternative but to compare size versus price, simply because they are all doing the same thing with a different label.

How do you get such a large message of benefit and differences across in such a small time ?

There is the Kurrajong Land differences – Acreage / Odd shaped land / Sloping sites / Narrow and Small lots

There is the Kurrajong Style & Theme differences – Colonial / Contemporary & Modern  / Industrial / Hampton / Queenslander

There is the Kurrajong Material differences – Face Brick / Smooth Render /  Hebel / A wide range of complimentary Architectural materials and finishes.

There is the Kurrajong Construction method differences – 2 Story / Lowset / Hi Set / Split Level / Suspended Floor

There is the Kurrajong Value differences –Budget & Investment / Family / Prestige  - All levels represent exceptional value.

And to top it off –…. In every home we build,  with all of the varying styles and values above, there is the Strong, Straight, Termite Resistant “Heart of Steel” & Finish as a result.

During that period, we have experienced huge swings and trends of the different way people now consider searching & researching – ahead of making an enquiry – that we have tried to keep ahead of,

Yet, it becomes more and more apparent, that while are in a phase of huge change in the way we generate new enquiry for tomorrows clients, the whole time

– We have been unwittingly doing just that!!


During the phase of our existence as a building company, we have been flattered  by many direct referrals:  Friends / colleagues / family members, simply because building their home with Kurrajong Steel Homes was enjoyable and exactly what was requested, and people like to share when they have had a good experience.

However, we now find ourselves in slightly different territory.  Of the source of our enquiry, where an unprecedented number of new client enquiry’s are actually former clients themselves, having built for them previously and experiencing the benefits of a home built with Kurrajong, we no longer have to prove our worth, because they have actually lived & enjoyed the benefits we initially had to convince them they would receive.

It seems ironic, that while I have been writing a blog on this very topic, I received an email from a client who’s home we built in 2011 and would like to discuss building with us again.

Again, I have just completed another amazing, unique new design on the 4th home for a couple. With construction about to commence. Each home is extremely different in style and theme & land.

Here’s an enquiry with a twist……We are very excited to have been invited to design a stunning 1296m2 residence with extensive Moreton Bay views.

In this case, they were not former clients to us.  They actually purchased a home privately that we built in around 2008 for a different client.

They are now living in the home and have seen how well built and finished it remains, and in their words,

We have contacted Kurrajong Steel Homes, simply because, after all these years we can see the standards, quality and finish of your homes”.

It’s true, most new homes & display homes look beautiful when they are first built. It is when you want to sell them years later, that is “what’s really for sale?”

Put simply, the least expensive, most positive generator of new enquiry for Kurrajong Steel Homes is “the product that remains” well after the price is forgotten!

Gary Dupen

Kurrajong Steel Homes

Five reasons your next home should be a custom built Kurrajong Steel Home

We’ve heard them all before: Home is where you hang your heart, home sweet home, or as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz put it – There’s no place like home.  Cringe worthy idioms aside – there’s something to be said about the concept of “home”. It’s your sanctuary, your kingdom, your little piece of paradise…and the soul reason why so much time and energy is placed into searching for the perfect home.

While the purchase of an existing home may seem like the easier approach, there are still many factors influencing the buyer that need to be considered (think location, market trends, condition of existing properties). Then there are the needs and wants of the individual and the chances of finding these in an already established house.   When you put it like that – it’s of no surprise that more and more people are choosing to go down the custom build path – and that’s where we come in. We’ve come up with five reasons why we think your next home should be a custom built home (by Kurrajong Steel Homes!)

1.       Custom Design = Your home, your way

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Put simply, custom design offers design freedom and individual specifications that purchasing an existing home does not. Then there are the challenges that come with land specifics. With the availability of the perfect, flat block of land sometimes hard to come by – difficult shaped, small, narrow, sloping blocks are becoming an increasing popular choice. Any site restraints presented by these types of blocks are able to be overcome with the flexibility that custom design solutions can offer.

2.       Warranty

The unwritten risk of buying an already established home is that you never know when something is going to break down/need replacing.  The beauty of a new home is that everything is new, fully functioning and most importantly – under warranty.

3.       Low Maintenance

When you move into your shiny and new home, the chances of any major maintenance issues are incredibly low.  Sure – they may develop over time, but if maintenance really isn’t your thing, there’s always the option during the design process to select materials/products that are known for their low maintenance requirements.

4.       Cost Savings & Efficiency

New homes are far more energy efficient than homes built five years ago, let alone 20 years ago!  With the introduction of new energy codes and improved systems for both heating and cooling, not to mention the added benefits of an environmentally sustainable home design, not only is your home a healthier environment for you to live, it should also save you money on all your heating and cooling costs.

5.       Satisfaction

An already established home was more than likely someone else’s dream once upon a time.  While, you can learn to love the colour of the kitchen benchtops, you still won’t have those 9 foot ceilings you so dream of. There’s something incredibly satisfying about being in charge of everything in your new home.  From the design layout, to the selections for your new home – can there be a truer reflection of you?

That’s where we come in. Here at Kurrajong Steel Homes, our design team specialize in designing homes that are unique to you! We work with you to create your “little piece of paradise”. Regardless of your budget, block or lifestyle, our goal is to turn your dreams into reality.

Is Bigger Really Better?

Today, I’m here to answer the age old question that has been plaguing mankind since the beginning of time : is bigger really better? My answer: NO. I must clarify that I’m talking about architecture, and in particular – housing.

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been asked to design a 4 bedroom house with a living room, family room, activity room and media room for a family of four. Do the maths – that’s one room per person!  While each room might have a different name, to me it just equates to an excessive amount of places to sit, and a whole of additional floor area. While the idea of a playroom, media room or gym room might sound appealing, more often than not – rooms with one off, “specific” functions often become dumping grounds for all those things we seem to collect.  Don’t get me wrong, I get that in some cases  multiple rooms with specific functions are necessary, but for the most part, I really believe the “bigger is better” mentality is unnecessarily increasing home sizes and forcing us to dig deeper into our pockets.

So how do we achieve the balance between affordability, liveability and practicality?  Simple: Create spaces that are flexible and functional, and are able to adapt and evolve with the inhabitants needs, whether that be on a short term or long term basis.  For example – instead of a media room or a guest room, consider putting the two together to create a room that can transition from one to another simply with the addition of a pull out sofa to the room.

The bottom line is – it’s your house and you’re the one that will be living there. But you’re also the one that will have to clean the place, or pay someone to do it.

Single Level Narrow Lot | Redlands Bayside Challenge

The trend today is for us to be building our homes on smaller pieces of land. The developers are looking to maximise the return on new subdivisions and the age of the Redlands Bayside means many of the older homes on the 800m² or greater are ready for a renovation or major upgrade and the cost is just not worthwhile. Many people are looking to remove the existing dwelling and split the land into two allowing them to sell one and generate an income to fund a new home.


The tendency is to put a two storey home on the site to minimise the footprint and to be able to build a full 4 bedroom home with open plan living downstairs and bedrooms and a living room upstairs. This all works reasonably well and produces a very functional outcome.


Now let’s consider a single level home on the same site where we are not looking for such a large home. We have probably all been into one of these homes and the first thing you notice to get all of the rooms in and still have the living at the rear to access the yard we end up having to come in through the front door and walk down a long hallway past the garage and bedrooms and bathroom to get to the living area, it is like walking through a tunnel. The other option is to put the bedrooms at the rear to minimise the hallway but then we have isolated the rear yard from the living area.


Here at Kurrajong Steel Homes our talented design team spent some considerable time finding ways to address this issue and would love to invite you to come and talk to us at our office and to show you how to eliminate the long hallway in your single level narrow lot home.


Contact Bill Morris 0419803469 or call our office to make an appointment to show you how we can make best use of these sites.

Building In The Redlands

So 2016 has started with a little uncertainty in the stock market and the real estate markets of Sydney and Melbourne may have reached a peak and investors are now looking for where to go for the next good thing.

Here at Kurrajong Steel Homes we have been getting some enquiries from those southern investors looking to put some money into the SE Queensland property market. The Redlands Shire is a wonderful part of our great state offering easy access to the city and other business areas closer to home. We also have the benefit of being close to one of the most beautiful waterways anywhere in the country and the second largest sand island in the world at Stradbroke Island.

If you have been thinking over the Christmas break about building in this great Shire of ours why not contact Kurrajong Steel Homes to see what could be possible and how we could make your new custom designed home a reality. We will help you take advantage of the cooler breezes available to us in this area to help make your new dream home more comfortable to live in and also more economical to run.

Contact Bill Morris 0419803469 now to see how we can help create your new home on the bayside of the wonderful city of Brisbane.


You have been to the Kurrajong Steel Homes news section of our website and learnt about “THE RISE OF THE KITCHEN” so what about the rest of my house.

When we talk to our clients about the type of home that they want we have to ask a lot of questions about the people that are going to live in the home, the way the occupants function as a group, the type of activities that everyone is involved in and thinking about the future and how the needs of the occupants will change over time.

Here are some examples of things that you should think about when designing your dream home.

The cost to build a new home these day is a very important part of the overall decision on what to build and the bigger the house the more expensive it will be, so let’s look at some ideas that will help control the size of the home by having rooms that can share some function. Media rooms that became popular some years ago that were usually out of the way and would only function as a theatre room. (I saw less movies when I had a media room because I was always falling asleep in the comfortable chairs I decided I needed). We have designed a number of homes now where the media room was designed near the main living area and opening out onto the main outdoor area, this allowed you to close the room off to watch a movie or get some quiet time. You could also open the doors to your outdoor area and see the screen from outside or just use the room to extend your living area when 30 people turn up to share your home.

At the end of the night you find yourself stuck with your favourite relative or mate who would prefer not to drive home so why not just move the lounge and pull down the wall mounted bed in the media room and accommodate them for the night. In the morning just make the bed and put it back in the wall and your room is back to normal.

The other thing we like to do in a 2 storey home is make sure that the lower level of the home can cater for an elderly relative to stay, maybe in the media room and have access to a wheelchair friendly bathroom or it may be required when a member of your own family got their ambitions and capabilities mixed up and find themselves in plaster and unable to climb the stairs.

Another important thing to consider when designing your home is what will my requirements be in 10 years time. You are currently designing the home with young children and as they get into the teen years it would be great if the home could provide some separation between adults and teens to allow for 2 totally different ideas on what constitutes fun to be happening at the same time.

We also like to consider when we design your home the area outside of your house walls and up to the boundary fence. This is all part of the available space for you to use in our fantastic SE Queensland climate. Clever use of glass in your home will also help capture the outdoors and create that feeling of space.

To find out more about how we can help you create your dream custom designed steel framed home contact our professional team at Kurrajong Steel Homes for your obligation free site visit and consultation.


Ahh….the humble kitchen.  Also known as the casual hangout, the homework station, the dumping ground – the heart of the home.

The last 10 years have seen the kitchen rise from the lowly back room to the showpiece of the home.  Gone are the days of the closed in, poorly lit space – nowadays if your kitchen isn’t pride of place and sporting the granite bench, stainless steel appliances, multiple sinks or the token trendy fruit bowl and faux fruit then one can only assume you are not keeping up with the Jones’ (or should that be Kardashians?)

But it doesn’t stop there. Let’s not forget the neighbours that go hand in hand with the kitchen.  There’s the butler’s pantry (butler optional), the slightly less fancy walk in pantry, and the ever increasing popularity of the “outdoor kitchen,” loaded with all the necessities like the outdoor fridge, the tepanyaki bar and the pizza oven.

So – thinking of building? In case you haven’t yet realised – YOUR KITCHEN IS IMPORTANT! Thankfully, we at Kurrajong Steel Homes know a thing or two about kitchen design and today is your lucky day because we’ve compiled a few helpful hints for designing the perfect kitchen:


If you do nothing else – this point is essential. Think about the location of your kitchen and its relationship with other rooms in your house.  Do you entertain a lot? Consider how your kitchen flows to the alfresco.  Like to watch TV while preparing dinner? Make sure your TV position relates to your preparation area. TIP: One of the most important relationships that often gets overlooked is the connection between the kitchen and laundry and in particular the kitchen and the garage (Guaranteed: next time you’re lugging groceries from your car to your kitchen you will understand the significance of this point!)


The title says it all.  There is no point having a flash kitchen full of all the latest products if it doesn’t function well.  It’s time to say goodbye to the U shape kitchen (with that oh so useful corner storage where everything seems to be just beyond arm’s reach) and say hello to the long, linear stylings of the galley kitchen. If this type of design is more your thing, ensure that you don’t go overboard with the distance between your benches.  Trust me – less is best.

The cooking hub (cooktop/oven/sink) trio needs to work in conjunction with each other.  No one likes walking a marathon with a hot dish in hand so be sure to consider how these appliances relate to each other.

Then there’s the issue of storage. Minimal storage space might look great and, well,  “minimalist” but it sure isn’t practical.   One word people: Tupperware!


This is not an urban myth.  Orientation is key to any space you plan to spend a lot of time in. East orientation is great to capture the morning sun but if you’re after all day enjoyment north to north east is where it’s at.


This is my single most important design philosophy. While there is a time and place for purpose built spaces (think fully fitted out media room), one of the most underrated features of a home is its ability to flex and adapt to its occupant’s needs.  The kitchen, while first and foremost is for food prep, also takes on many other functions in its day to day life.  The use of the “breakfast bar” or island bench can become quite limited if it features a cooktop or a sink (and dirty dishes) so consider locating these elsewhere in order to free up the preparation and/or serving bench.

Easy right?

Bill Morris and Kurrajong Steel Homes | Greensmart

Bill Morris has been involved with the HIA GreenSmart initiative for over 10 year and continues to be passionate about the advantages of designing and building a home with these ideas in mind.

When any client contacts me to discuss how we can help them with their new home I  always go to site to see the conditions that I have to work with, I am looking for orientation of the home and how we can use the environment to warm the home in winter and cool in summer and to generate natural light into the home. These things will all help make the home much better to live in and more economical to run. I am also looking at the most economical way to put the house on the site and making sure the home has everything the client needs without any wasted space or rooms that will not be used.

Build a GreenSmart house

A GreenSmart house is a sustainable home created using environmentally responsible housing design ideas, building techniques and products. The key principles of building a home with environmental features include correct site orientation to maximize solar design principles, natural ventilation, insulation, thermal mass and flooring. GreenSmart Builders and GreenSmart Professionals are businesses and individuals who have completed HIA’s GreenSmart Professional Training.

A GreenSmart house will:

  • Improve the water and energy efficiency of the home reducing energy bills and costs
  • Create healthier homes for occupants
  • Provide options to make the home more adaptable for all stages of life
  • Reduce waste from the building process
  • Improve site management during construction.

If you would like to learn more about how these initiatives could benefit you just contact Bill Morris at our office and he will be happy to meet with you and discuss how he can work with you to make your next home your best ever home.


Kurrajong Steel Homes has started construction on a three level home in Ormiston on a small sloping site. The client came to us with plans for their new home that had been designed to suit their requirements as they reached their senior years.  We were initially asked to price the home and when costed was well over the clients budget.  This is common when clients work with a designer to design their dream home, but often no consideration is given to the actual construction cost. It was at this point Bill Morris said to the client that he was confident the Kurrajong design team could redesign the home and provide everything that the client required and most importantly – bring the project in on budget.

The client agreed and the journey began. After some initial designs that were checked by our estimator along the way we were confident that we were going to find a solution. The client had some specific requirements that had to be included like a lift from the garage level up to the living levels. The main living area was on the top floor of the 3 levels to take advantage of the stunning views over Moreton Bay. The top level also accommodates 2 of the bedrooms so the client can live on a day to day basis on the one level, with visitor accommodation on the middle level.

The final design was completed, the client’s inclusions were selected, and now we are underway with the build.  The home had all the needs of the client and was at the price the client was comfortable with. We now look forward to the build and handing over the clients dream home to them on time and on budget.




Last year, the team at Kurrajong were proud recipients of the HIA’s 2014 Custom Built Home of the year ($1-2 million) award for its architecturally designed home in Cleveland’s prestigious Raby Bay.  This year, Kurrajong’s design team, Gary Dupen and Angela Brose, have been offered the honour to participate as judges in this year’s awards.

The Housing awards, which take place every year include participants from Toowoomba, Gold Coast/Northern Rivers and Sunshine Coast/Wide Bay. A number of awards are up for grabs in a range of categories including small lot, renovation/extension, display home and custom designed homes in a range of price brackets.

With over 25 years combined experience, the team at Kurrajong offer a wealth of knowledge in both construction and design.

Congratulations Gary and Angela!